Vancouver Maples Leafs player

Vancouver Maple Leafs (1937-1938)

The Vancouver Maple Leafs were a short lived Western International League baseball team that played out of Con Jones park on Renfrew. Named for a colorful local businessman and sports promoter Con Jones, the park was the long time home of Soccer in Vancouver, and played host to many storied clubs including Newcastle, Aberdeen and Charlton Athletic. This video clip shows a large crowd taking in a match at the park in the late 1930’s. In the clip you can make out the baseball diamond on the soccer pitch. The Maple Leafs were largely unsuccessful on and off the field and were sold to brewer Emil Sick prior to the 1939 season. Sick would rename the team the Capilanos after his Vancouver brewery. Sick had done the same thing the prior year when he bought the struggling Seattle Indians and renamed them the Rainiers after his Seattle based brewery. Above, a Maple Leafs playerrounds the bases at practice.

Photo Credit: Vancouver Archives Item : CVA 99 – 3180 – Maple Leaf Baseball Player